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قديم 06 - 01 - 2012, 21:26
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البرق is on a distinguished road
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افتراضي Poems Nizar Kabbani

Poems Nizar Kabbani

Biography of an Arab Sayyaf ..!


Dear people:

Has become the authority you

Vxroa your idols after the error, and Aabdony ...

I do not always Otgly ..

Vajlsoa patience over the pavement, even Tbesrony

Let your child is not bread

And leave Nswankm is Baal .. And follow me

Give thanks to God for His grace

It has sent Me so I write history,

History does not write Downie

I am Yusuf Hassan

The Creator did not create such a golden hair my hair

And prophetically Ajabina Kjbeny

Eyes and a forest of olive trees and almonds

Always separated so God keep my eyes

Dear people:

I'm mad for the following

Fabosoa your wife is pregnant Mona ..

And send your husbands so Ichkrony

An honor to eat wheat my body

Honor to Tktefoa tonsillar and Tiny

Honor to Chbhony ..

I am an incident occurred

For thousands of centuries ..


Dear people:

I am the first and most just,

The most beautiful of all the rulers

I Badruddoza, jasmine and white

I am the first inventor of the gallows, and the best messengers ..

Whenever I thought of the Authority to retire, my conscience Anhany

To see those good judge me?

Healed me of the lame, the leper, the blind ..

And Yahya Almetin bones?

To see the light come out of his coat the moon?

Of sending people to see the rain?

Give them the opinion of the ninetieth lashes?

Of Aisalbhm see above the trees?

View of forcing them to live cows?

Cows and die?

Whenever I thought that I leave them

Kgmama tears overflowed ..

And trust in God's sick ...

And decided to ride the people ..

From now .. The Day of Judgement ..


Dear people:

I Oofkm

As I have equine .. , Abedi

I walk as you walk on the carpets exclusively

I temporarily fall down in prostration Li

And worship me in Qaudy

Did not find you one day

Among the papers my grandparents??

Hadhiroa to read any book

I read about you ..

Hadhiroa to write any letter

I write about you ..

Hadhiroa to hear Fairuz secret

Knowing, then I Bnoayakm

Hadhiroa that you will enter the tomb without my permission

This is our great sin.

And adhere to silence, if your word

My words is the Holy Quran ..


Dear people:

I Mahdikm, Vantzerony

And toys in the beating heart of varicose veins, Vacherbony

Stop all the songs sung by children

In love with the country

I Aloutnh I became.

I am the one, eternal, and between all the objects

I inventory in the memory of apples, flute,

Glaucoma and songs

Lift up over the fields Tasawary

And Gtony Bgam words

The smaller Li Akhtaboa wives are not ..

I am not Ohikh ..

My body is not aging ..

Sjohny and not aging ..

And a repression in the kingdom is not aging ..

Dear people:

I remove the pilgrims that Qnaay let us know

Genghis Khan and I have come to ..

Bhraby .. And my dogs .. Sjrny

To Atadhaqgua - you people - Bbthy

I kill so to Atguetlony ....

I do not hang so Chnicony ..

I Advenkm in that mass grave

The agent Tdvony ..


Dear people:

Lee bought the newspapers you meant

It is shown, such as prostitutes on the streets

Bought me a green paper and polished spring Kohaab

And Madada .. And presses

Everything is bought in our time .. Even the fingers ..

Bought a fruit of thought .. And free in front of me

Boil a poet and Lee,

And do it, between my food dishes ..

I am my mother .. And I have a node which poets say

Vachtroa Li poets sing Hosni ..

Adjalony star and covers all

Vnujom dance and drama are never beautiful Mona

I am, hard currency, Asheri what I want

Bought the Office of Bashar Bin cold

And lips Mutanabi, and songs .. but for

Which millions of Muslims in the house of money

Is the legacy of Old Abe

Then take of golden

And write in the books of

The modern era of Harun al-Rashid ...


O masses of my country:

Aajmahir Ashob Arab

I was so pure spirit of the dust of ignorance Igslkm

Recorded on audio tapes

The voice rhythm Kalnaforh green Andalusian

Sourony smiling like Jawkenda

And Odie, such as the face of Almudallah

Sourony ...

I devoured poetry Bosinany ..

And suck the blood of the alphabet


Boukary and Jalali,

My staff and military

Sourony ..

When caught the meaning, or a deer

Sourony ..

When the hold you over my shoulders to the eternal home

I Ashob Arab masses ...


Dear people:

I'm responsible for your dreams, as dream ..

I am responsible for every loaf you eat

And ten, who - behind my back - you read

Security apparatus in the palaces Ioaviny

News of the birds .. News and ears

Ioaviny and what is happening in the belly of pregnant women

Dear people: I Sjankm

I Msjohnkm .. Feltadhirony

I am in exile in the exclusively

Do not see the sun, nor star, nor a flower Dfly

Since I came to power children

The circus men huddled around me

One blow Naya ..

One hits the drum

One wipe Jouka .. One wipe Nala ..

Since the children came to power ..

Adviser did not tell me the palace (both)

Li did not say never, and my ministers of the word (both)

Li did not say Safaraúy never in the face (both)

Not less than one bed in a women's love (both)

They have taught me to see myself a god

I see people from the balcony sand ..

Vaadhirony that turned to a new Hulagu

I did not kill the day-to-face killings ..

But Oguetlkm .. Never Ending Ki ..

Poems Nizar Kabbani


رد مع اقتباس
قديم 06 - 01 - 2012, 21:29   رقم المشاركة : [2]
..:: خدمة العملاء ::..
الصورة الرمزية البرق

البرق is on a distinguished road
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افتراضي رد: Poems Nizar Kabbani

I am with terrorism

We are accused of terrorism

If we boldly defended

Balkis for hair ...

Mason and on the lips ...

And India ... Daad and ...

And built to ... And Rabab ...

Rain for Kohl, who

Kalouha come down from the fringes!!

You will not find in my possession

Poem secret ...

Or secret language ...

Books or secret Osjnha within


I have never, not one poem

Walking down the street wearing a

The veil


We are accused of terrorism

If the remains of our homeland ...

Disjointed ... Worn loose

Littered with body parts blown ...

Looking for a home address for ...

The nation does not have sky!!


For home .. Left of his poems

First great ...

Only poems Khansaa!!


For a country that did remain in the prospects

Freedom of red .. Or blue ... Or

Yellow ...


For home ... Prevents us to buy


Or hear the news ...

For home ... All the birds by

Always prohibited from singing ...

For home ...

Accustomed to write his book

The severity of the horror ...

On the air!!


More like a home if the hair in


Is the word of flail ...

Improvised ...

Importer ...

And a foreigner face and tongue ...

What has a beginning ...

Not an end ...

And his relationship with people ... Or

Land ...

Or human dilemma!!


For home ...

Walk to the peace negotiations

Without dignity ...

And without shoes!!


Homeland for his men peeing on

Themselves out of fear ...

Leaving only women!!


Salt ... In our eyes ...

And salt in our lips ..

And salt ... In our words

Is the drought in our souls

Came to us a legacy of the sons of Qahtan??

Remained in our nation's Sid ...

The Abu Sufian ...

Left are those who say (not) ...

In the face of the waived

From our house .. And bread .. And Zina ...

Our history and turned bright ...

To the shop!!


Left a poem in our lives ...

You have lost chastity ...

Sultan in bed ...


We are used to Huanna ..

What remains of the man ...

While accustomed to humiliation??


Osama bin savior ...

And a bin Nafi ...

The age of ... Hamza ...

Khaled creeping towards Sham ...

Find Motassembellah ...

Even save women from the brutality of

Captivity ...

The flames!!

Look for other men

Time ...

I do not see at night only cats

Scared ...

Afraid to wholeheartedly ...

The power of the mice!!


Do the blind have struck at the National ...

A mute?

Or are we suffer from color blindness


We are accused of terrorism ...

If we reject our death ...

Israeli bulldozers ...

Tnkh in our soil ...

Tnkh in our history ...

Tnkh in our gospel ...

Tnkh in our Quran ...

Tnkh in the dust of our prophets ...

This was our sin that

How beautiful of terrorism ....


We are accused of terrorism ...

If we refuse to take us off ....

By the Mongols ... And the Jews

... The barbarians ...

If you threw a stone ...

Glass on the Security Council, which

Seized by the Tsars!!


We are accused of terrorism ...

Amarvdhana to negotiate the wolf

And to extend shrouds to whore!!


America ...

Against cultures of human beings ...

Without a culture ...

Against the urban civilizations

Without a civilization

America ...

Building a giant

Has no walls!!


We are accused of terrorism ...

If we reject a time

America has become its

Amororh ... Rich ... Strong

Translator juror ...

For Hebrew!!


We are accused of terrorism ...

If you rolled the rose ...

Of Jerusalem ...

Of Hebron ...

Or Gaza ...

And Nazareth ...

If we took the bread and water ...

Siege to Troy ...


We are accused of terrorism ...

If we raised our voice

Against all the populists of our leaders ...

Both have changed their saddles ...

They moved from unionists and ...

To Msasrh!!


If you'd done the profession of Culture ...

If you rebelled against the orders


Great .. And succession ...

If we read the books in the literature

... And politics ...

If we have our Lord Almighty ...

If the colorful (Al-Fath) ..

And listened to a speech on Friday

We were involved in terrorism!!

We are accused of terrorism ...

If we defended land

And the dignity of the soil

If the rape of the people rebelled

And rape us ...

Amahmina last palm

Our Sahara ...

And the other stars in our sky ...

Ajaraharov and in our names ...

The last milk in the breasts of our mothers

This was our sin that ...

What a wonderful terrorism!!


I am with terrorism ...

If he can save me

Of immigrants from Russia ...

Romania, Henaqaria, Poland ...

And landed in Palestine on our shoulders

To steal ... The minarets of Jerusalem ...

And Bab Al-Aqsa Mosque ...

And steal the inscriptions ...

And domes ...


I am with terrorism ...

That he was able to free

Christ ...

And the Virgin Mary ...

The Holy City ...

Ambassadors of death and destruction!!


Yesterday ...

The street was our country's national

Asl horse ...

The squares rivers

Overflowing with vigor ...

After the Oslo ...

No longer in the mouth teeth ...

Will turned to the people

Of the blind .. And Khersan??


We are accused of terrorism ...

If we defended very strongly

For poetic heritage

Our wall for the National ..

Civilization rose ..

The culture Alnayat .. In our mountains

Mirrors and black eyes


We are accused of terrorism ...

If we defended what we write ...

For the blue sea ...

And the smell of ink

And freedom of the character ...

And the sanctity of the book!!


I am with terrorism ...

That he was able to free people

Of tyrants .. And tyranny ...

And save the rights of man's inhumanity

This is because lemon and olives

The Goldfinch

To the south of Lebanon ...

The smile is because of the Golan Heights ....


I am with terrorism ...

If he can save me

Caesar from the Jews ...

Or the Romans of Caesar!!


I am with terrorism ...

As long as this new world ...

, Sharing

Between America .. And Israel



I am with terrorism ...

All my hair

And prose ...

And those teeth ...

As long as this new world ...

The hands of the butcher!! (Butcher)


I am with terrorism

As long as this new world

May we have classified

Category of the flies!!


I am with terrorism ...

If the Senate

America ..

Which is in the hand calculation

Decide which one is the reward ...

And punishment!!


I am with terrorism ...

As long as this new world ...

Hated in the shades

Motif smell!!


I am with terrorism ...

As long as this new world ...

Want to sacrifice my children ...

And throw them to the dogs!!


For all this ...

The highest high voice:

I am with terrorism!!

I am with terrorism!!

I am with terrorism !!...

البرق غير متصل   رد مع اقتباس
قديم 06 - 01 - 2012, 21:30   رقم المشاركة : [3]
..:: خدمة العملاء ::..
الصورة الرمزية البرق

البرق is on a distinguished road
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افتراضي رد: Poems Nizar Kabbani

I certify that no woman except you

I certify that no woman

However, you mastered the game

And endured Hmagta

Ten years and endured

Astbert and crazy as the patient

And my nails Qlmt

And arranged Dvatra

Adkhaltna and kindergarten

But you ..


I certify that no woman

Like me as a painting

In thought and behavior, but you

And reason and madness only you

Rapid and boredom

And attachment to the rapid

But you ..

I certify that no woman

Have been taken from my

Half of what took

And as it did Astamrtina

And freed me as it did


I certify that no woman

Dealt with me as a child-month-old

But you ..

And gave me a bird's milk

And flowers and games

But you ..

I certify that no woman

I had a decent Ksear

Fine poetry

And as it did Dallaltna

And as it did Avsdtna

I certify that no woman

Have made my childhood

Stretch of the fiftieth .. However, you


I certify that no woman

She says she valued the women .. However, you

But in her navel

The center of this universe

I certify that no woman

Followed when the trees are going

But you ..

The bathroom and drink water from her body snow

But you ..

The sheep eat the grass of summer Abtha

However, you

I certify that no woman

Two words cut short the story of femininity

Manhood and incited the

But you ..


I certify that no woman

Time stops when the right Nhdha

But you ..

The revolutions of the left foot of Nhdha

But you ..

I certify that no woman

Has changed the laws of the world, you

And changed

Map of Halal and Haram

But you ..


I certify that no woman

Tgtahani in moments of love Kalzelzal

Thrgueni .. Ngrgueni

Chalna .. Ttafina

Teixrna نصفين Kalhilal

I certify that no woman

Occupies my longest occupation

The happiest occupation


In response Damascene

And Nanaa

And oranges


Leave the hair under my questions

Days did not answer the question

Woman are all languages


Touch Balzhen not be said


O Marine eyes

And wax hands

And wonderful attendance

O white for silver

Smooth and crystal-

I certify that no woman

The vicinity of her waist. . Meets the ages

And AA planet revolving

I certify that the woman does not .. Others my love

Her arms are raised the first male

And another male


O Amahh transparent

Just beautiful

O appetite Gorgeous

Permanent childhood

I certify that no woman

Liberated from the rule of the people of the cave but you

And broke their idols

And shattered illusions

Dropped and the authority of the people of the cave but you

I certify that no woman

Have received Besderha daggers tribe

And considered her my love

Summary of virtue


I certify that no woman

Came just as I waited

The length of her hair longer than you want or dream

The form of Nhdha

Identical to what I planned each charted or

I certify that no woman

Graduated from the clouds of smoke .. The smoked

Kalhmama white fly in my mind .. If you think

Woman .. books written about it earlier,

But despite all of my hair

Have stayed .. The most beautiful of all the written


I certify that no woman

Exercised with the utmost love me civilization

Okhrjtna of dust and the Third World

However, you

I certify that no woman

Thread solved my contract

Thagaft me and my body

Interview and dialogue as the guitar

I certify that no woman

But you ..

But you ..

But you ..

البرق غير متصل   رد مع اقتباس
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