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قديم 15 - 05 - 2011, 17:59
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افتراضي A private meeting with Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh with the newspaper Okaz 13/05/2011

Refused to internationalize the crisis and stressed that King Abdullah important role in supporting the stability of Yemen .. Yemeni President for «Okaz» in the first interview to a Saudi newspaper:
We will not allow chaos and a coup against legitimacy and foreign plots aimed at our

I'm not with Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh in all that gold and go to him ..
I am not against him in everything.
But I am against every form of corruption and destruction .. And the threat of being and stability of Yemen and Yemenis .. Although I announced that more than once and more than one way .. Nevertheless, I am all that I say you are biased with the opposition against the legitimate .. There are also those who say you Taatihon opportunity to authority figures to express their views and express their views are absolutely free.
The fact that I carry in front of me very clearly is that the media is an important message, requiring him to neutrality .. And neutrality if they wanted to have a solid foothold in the world of facts and new media.
But to take sides against the position .. To support the other position or distort the facts and volatile upside down as it did the channel «island» and portrayed the prisons in Iraq as in Yemen .. Big difference here .. And very large.
Or be used within certain categories and place .. Those exposed to the game .. Might shake hands, including awareness of the recipient for several decades and even removed the effects of pumping any information because they do not agree with any media neutral and put renewed .. The tendentious media double standards and distorts the facts and work to ignite the fire of strife and to highlight the differences and deepen the roots of the differences .. Information is the same is spoiler .. This was my response to the Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh when we stand on the platform seventy Friday before last when he told me where the facts al-Jazeera «yellow» of these millions who gathered there in front of your eyes Where is the mobilization of the disinterested demonstration millions .. How long will these haters of lies .. Thus, His Excellency whispered in my ear amid the enormous public uproar ..
Yes, how long they will continue to lie and mislead the public .. Pain is well aware of the differences between the information axiomatic facts .. And the media excitement.
I did not stop long at this observation because the scene is told from the words of misleading and that the event is not likely to engage in all these departments are closed and narrow.
It's different here. Because the interest of homeland and threaten the stability of an entire people is about to fade away. Decided that the whole packet warrants and thrown to the «President» after he refused to meet me and then reversed his decision when he touched the neutral to put «Okaz» for the benefit of all parties and without getting bogged down in giving priority to any interest other than the supreme national interest of Yemen and its neighbor, the Great Kingdom and all countries in the region .
If the show was balanced on the pages of our Okaz of the events of Yemen does not like some fans «Okaz» I invite them to follow the rest of the episodes until the end to see the difference .. But I do not broadcast a secret if I said that I had prepared preparing to draw my first question to President why do not leave after that I spent in the 33-year experience of governance .. And expose all the talk about conspiracies and maneuvers. However, Padrni saying what can a man give in more than voluntarily waive our right of blood on the seat of government.
I invite you to the excellent dialogue exciting and I conducted with my colleague Hamid Fahim, President Ali Abdullah Saleh .. Hoping that you will find within it explains the phenomenon of political thorny and complex in Yemen.

* Leaderships of Saudi Arabia and Yemen realize that what matters Yemen's security interest to the Kingdom, and vice versa
* We call for agreement on the enforcement mechanism attached to the initiative so as to ensure its success

• His Excellency the President, Yemen is currently going through a critical stage in the light of the protests in the cities of Yemen and the claims of the protestors to step down President, what is your reading of the course of internal events, and to what extent these events may affect the unity and integrity and stability of Yemen?

There is no doubt that what is happening in Yemen is part of the wave in the region within the ***************work of the so-called chaotic creative, or a new Middle East, where it was to simulate what happened in Tunisia and Egypt, by JMP who have been aspiring to gain access to power through a coup on democracy and constitutional legality, and away from the will of the people expressed in the ballot box.
These parties, despite their discord and disharmony intellectual and systematic political, but met with each other on the adversarial system, and the demand drop it because they are unable to provide something useful to convince people of it, and this is what appeared in more than one round of voting has yet to win those parties of the votes voters is less.
For our part, we deal with this contrived crisis and its repercussions, which passed by more than three and a half months about the wisdom and patience, and we have made and continue to make every effort to spare the country from sliding into the abyss of discord and bloodshed.
We have a lot of initiatives and invitations to sit at the table of dialogue, but unfortunately these parties remained stubborn and Tmitrsha in their positions and refusing to respond to calls for dialogue. We believe that dialogue is the best way to address all issues, the final output to resolve any dispute, no matter how long, and we still look forward to respond wise in the JMP to call for dialogue; because this country is owned by all the security, stability and unity of our collective responsibility.
With regard to Bswalkm about the impact of these events on the unity and peace and stability in Yemen, we emphasize that the unit established and will not allow our people to a whatever to harm them, although some try to exploit the current conditions to promote his separatist and Altmziqi, whether in some areas of the south or north of the north .
This is why they are trying to provoke chaos and violence, vandalism, cutting off roads, and seek to overthrow the legitimate constitutional order to achieve this goal, we will not allow them to achieve that, because any damage to the unity of Yemen and its security and stability will not be reflected and affected him to Yemen, but the region generally, and for us in what happened in Somalia, a lesson enough.

• Do you think your Excellency that the initiative Gulf involving the transfer of power during the month is the perfect solution to the crisis of Yemen, who bears the failure to sign it, and what is the vision of Your Excellency at the opposition's insistence on the need to sign your Excellency on the agreement?
In fact, we welcomed the efforts and endeavors of our brothers in the GCC countries, emphasizing the positive to deal with it, and we highly appreciate this positive role of our brothers in the GCC, which stems from their eagerness to Yemen, security, stability and unity.
We look for the initiative Gulf as an integrated system can not be divided or selection, as there are some items where vague and ambiguous and need to be clarified better by sitting between the parties of Yemen in direct dialogue, instead of dialogue channels or faxes, as is happening now, in order to agree on operational mechanism of time and sequence to be attached, so as to ensure its success, does not make any difference or variation in the implementation of the items.

• What are these items?
For example with regard to the item on the end to political tension and security, what creates the atmosphere for a peaceful transition and smooth power, as well as end the sit-ins, marches and blockades of roads and storming government buildings, and end the insurgency that has occurred in some military units, and exit of some of the elements causing the crisis for a temporary period; until we airspace before the Government of National Reconciliation to accomplish its tasks within the time period specified.
We emphasized repeatedly that we are ready to sign the agreement by the General People's Congress and its allies, and the JMP and its partners, as a political document between the parties and political organizations, not legal, and we will ratify it as President of the Republic, and after obtaining the necessary clarifications about the terms of the agreement so as not to turn into such an agreement itself to a deeper crisis, rather than a way to resolve the crisis.

• Do you see your Excellency that sit in the courtyard of the change will end someday, and things should be back to normal the past?
Opposition must be democratic ways and official discourse, and express their opinion through the sit-in is a right guaranteed in the Constitution, as long as he was in the peaceful ***************work and in accordance with the law, provided that it is away from the violence and chaos and destruction to the detriment of the interests of the homeland and citizens.
We are making every effort to convince the brothers in the JMP sense of responsibility towards their homeland and to respond to the call for dialogue, because the acts they commit, whether to cut off roads, or acts of violence and vandalism, interruptions of gas tankers and fuel, and hit the towers, electricity, and attacks on public and private property, or even parts of Al those who disagree with the view, as happened to a young poets; never does not fall under freedom of peaceful expression of opinion, but are acts of violence lead to sedition.
The survival of sit-ins in the fields and next to residential neighborhoods and homes of citizens has caused great harm to those citizens and violated their rights and freedoms. We also continue to make efforts to end the crisis to spare our country's bloodshed. We hope that sensible people to respond to calls for dialogue, it is the only way and safe to get out of this crisis, and we trust that things will return to the previous natural conditions, God willing.

• Are you affected by those who turned against you, even though they were comrades Drbakm?
I'm not totally succumbed to the contrary, those who were talking about the burden on my shoulder and I gave them, they were a burden and a part of the symbols of corruption and warlords, and they were a burden on my shoulders.

• Is that Izaajkm Trohm in the courtyard of political action?
I know what is going on in their minds, and I know their culture, they are part of the mantle of the Muslim Brotherhood.
They betrayed Ali Abdullah Saleh. And Major-General Ali Mohsen al-Ahmar was an officer fabricated an ordinary first war in Sa'ada and fabricated the second war and fabricated the third war, which sits at the edge of the university can not get out of the gate to his house and there is no split in the vicinity of the army.

• How do you see for the future of Saudi-Yemeni relations and the role of the Kingdom in supporting Yemen's security, especially in these circumstances are going through, and what is the vision of your Excellency to the role of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques in the promotion of Arab action and to preserve the unity and integrity of Yemen?
Yemeni-Saudi relations fraternal relations firm and distinct, which in its heyday, and witness every day in a steady development in the direction that meets the aspirations of the brotherly peoples of Yemen and Saudi Arabia and serves their common interests, and we are happy with it. And the role of Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz, a large and important role in supporting Yemen and to stand by its security and stability and career development, which is a valued highly, and viewed by all members of the Yemeni people with great appreciation and gratitude.
We have demonstrated that they are brothers in the Kingdom yes the brother who stands by his brother in good times and bad, and the leaderships in both countries realize that what matters Yemen's security interest to UK and vice versa.

• How to deal with your Excellency demonstrations that swept Yemen, there are those who claim that you you use the iron fist to quell the protests, and whether you can see your Excellency that things are out of protest within which the real and that there are foreign hands were supporting the protestors?
We are dealing with demonstrations, a lot of patience and restraint and to avoid bloodshed, despite what the elements of the JMP that such demonstrations of provocations and attacks on security forces and public and private property.
Even citizens sitters favor of constitutional legitimacy not safe from such attacks, where the elements of that assault and harassment of persons who are in camps in places sit Revolution Sports City in Sana'a. We miss those party elements gambling schemes in the involvement of the homeland in the midst of strife.
There is no doubt that there are agendas and plans and funds to external bodies are known to pay to target Yemen and destabilize security and stability, and undermining the unity and sedition and strife among them, have reminded us of that because the indicators are clear in our field and we are familiar with the subtleties.

• your declarations Your Excellency that you will not received the power of the minority .. Who is this minority, and what is the vision of your Excellency to Yemen for the post after the transfer of power?
We are a democratic, pluralistic, and the devolution of power should be peaceful and under the Constitution, and respect for the will of the people as expressed at the ballot box, and the people want is the one who leads his career. I am elected president, I'll have opposition to the street, and Sosagt government again.

• There is no doubt that Yemen has achieved over the past period quantum leaps and economic development, but that the youth of the change argue that all those hops do not live up to their expectations, what is your view on that?

Has been achieved during the last stage a lot of achievements, and transitions are vivid reminders that lie in front of eye and touch every fair observer, despite the modest resources and the challenges and difficulties faced by Yemen on more than one level. These shifts are allowed for Yemeni youth to learn and openness to the world and actively participate in the march home.
No doubt, our ambitions more to contribute to young people a greater role in that process and this is what we are working for, youth are a powerful force and live in the community and care must be taken, and from that let young people to *************** themselves in the party so that they can express themselves away from the tutelage of parties and hegemony, as is happening now to young protesters sit in the yard, and the formation of the emergence of this party will provide leadership for young people can communicate with and listen to it in relation to the aspirations of young people and their aspirations and work to meet them.

• Allow us to His Excellency the President to talk with transparency, there are those who think that those around you and behind the lack of Tnhitkm and deliver power, what is your comment?

We have declared more than once that we are ready to hand over power to the good hands people want, and via democratic means in the ***************work of the Constitution; because someone wants to jump the power away from the Constitution and the ballot box.

• Is it already the opposition is one of the leading young people in the arena of change, and supports the revolution of youth in Yemen, and do you think the fact that the revolution stemmed from the street?

JMP is provoked this crisis, and took some young people a bridge to achieve their goals and ambitions in jumping on the power after that unable to do so through elections, as the youth who are currently in some arenas sit mostly young people of these parties, and the rest are hostage to these parties .
For our part, we assured the youth that we are with the legitimate demands, and will Nlbhe in the context of the capabilities available, and we are open to young people and conduct dialogues with each other for the good of the country.

• Hdhirtm recently that a civil war would be the alternative in case of failure of mediation efforts, the Gulf, what is your reading of the future?

We say that the JMP Pettmtersha in positions intransigent, and lack of responsiveness of the dialogue, or for any initiatives to emerge from this crisis and it is pushing the country towards civil war, especially in light of what we see acts of violence and vandalism committed by elements of the party and its allies of Shi'ite and Al Qaeda.
Personally, I have no disputes with anyone, we are with the opposition of civilization and we wish to share power peacefully and smoothly, and not cut across the road, cutting off tongues and legs, cutting oil, electricity and gas.

• Yemeni army disciplined military establishment, you will enter the military confrontations with the protesters, and how you can see the future of the military establishment after the transfer of power?

National army is an institution exists to protect the homeland, its security, stability and unity, and the results of the people and achievements. And the sons of this institution loyal and faithful in the performance of their duty and make sacrifices for the sake of it, and will continue to institution of the armed forces, security and faithful to the role and duty in the interests of the nation and the people and the national constants.

• There are those who wish to internationalize the crisis in Yemen, what is your response?

We can not allow that internationalized the crisis in Yemen, and can not solve the crisis, but the Yemenis themselves, under the auspices of the neighboring countries, is supposed to urge neighboring countries to all parties to sit at the negotiating table to resolve the crisis.

• I do not think anyone doubts your love for Yemen, what you can submit to Yemen?

I can not submit more than to leave power (spoken laughing).

• What are the reasons that led to your refusal to step down initiatives of the opposition?

Because it is outside the Constitution, and a coup against the democratic and constitutional legitimacy.

• Is it already that the Taiz Governorate have had a role in the arrival to the presidency, one of the worked on the escalation of the protests?

Yes, the loyal sons of Taiz province, are the initiators to declare their support for the election of President Ali Abdullah Saleh of the Republic in 1987, when I was commander of the brigade Taiz. I lived years and I have had, including their relationships with Dr. particularly proud of.
Taiz and the sons of faithful, loyal, and they do not remain on the Covenant of the country and his leadership and gains and the national constants, and participants in the sit-ins organized by the JMP in some squares are from different regions of Yemen, but not from a particular province.

• Ali Abdullah Saleh, a large icon of the symbols of Yemen, held by the Yemenis and endowed in their hearts, where the president will be the point of the future after stepping down .. Do you retire from political action?

I have talked about this previously explained we are a country democratic, pluralistic, but when he departed President Ali Abdullah Saleh from power through democratic and peaceful means and the will of the Yemeni people, he has a party is the General People's Congress, which I had the honor of its founding and I chair, and which will continue to exert political action and continue to career serving the nation and the people.

• We have seen our presence in Yemen during the incident cut the tongue of a poet from Yemen before the joint meeting, how do you see this heinous incident, and whether things have come to Yemen in this dangerous?

This act brutally, and the crime heinous and ugly condemned by all; because it violates the religion, morality and human values, which indicates a dangerous level of extremism, violence and narrow the other opinion among those committed, the headline of the project next preaches these if they were able to hold on to power, and predicts for their way of thinking and dealing with their opponents; because the next cut is to cut off tongues, hands, legs and necks, which is scary panic among the children of these people and their project and their violent behavior and backward.

• What is the mechanism of the Yemeni president step down, and whether there are guarantees for the implementation of the GCC power transfer according to the initiative Gulf?

I answered in a previous question that we welcomed the initiative of the Gulf, which included some items that need to be clarified and the mechanism of implementation, as explained earlier. And now we are consulting with our brothers in the GCC around.
There are basic principles found in the Convention must be reflected on the ground, and that the brothers in the GCC countries and the European Union and the United States of America guarantors and witnesses to, first and foremost ensure the unity of Yemen and its security and stability, and make the transition of security and peaceful transfer of power is not only in the ***************work of the Constitution.

• In your administration achieved a Yemeni family unification between North and South, do not you fear on the dispersion of Yemen, and split again?
As I said earlier: the Yemenis would not abandon their unit regardless of the price or the size of the conspiracy to Yemen and its unity, Projects separatism was defeated in the past and will defeat all the time and when; because the unit is here to stay, they are the greatest accomplishment cherished by all the people of Yemen and all the Arab and pan integral .

• What is the size of al-Qaeda presence in Yemen, are there links to the opposition or their tribal?

Brotherhood and «Faith» Hadhanan base
Al-Qaeda exists in Yemen as it exists in many countries, and they take advantage of climate chaos and instability of the proliferation and expansion. And our fight against this organization and what it represents from the terrorism we have suffered a lot of it is continuous and not relentless.
Unfortunately, however, that al-Qaeda backed by some parties, particularly the Muslim Brotherhood party (Reform) and the University of faith foster those elements that exploit the crisis conditions is present today in the arena sit side by side with the elements Alhotheip rebel and JMP, which is seeking to take advantage of the atmosphere of chaos and insecurity to achieve its objectives in carrying out further terrorist attacks, and the dissemination of fossil obscurantist ideology that believeth not only death and destruction.

• What is the future of Yemen's relations with its neighbors, and friends, Americans and Westerners?

Our relations with our neighbors and our friends are good and based on cooperation, mutual respect and non-interference in internal affairs. We are dedicated to the continued development of these relations and to serve the common interests.

• Your delay is the opposition to meet the demands of young people affected the domestic economic situation, what is your response?

There is no doubt that the political crisis triggered by the JMP has affected the national economy from several aspects, which are related to alienating investment or tourism, and related process of oil production and export by targeting the oil pipeline in Marib and failure to export the country, thus inflicting heavy losses,
It is known that our budget relies primarily on oil revenues, not to mention the repercussions of the other on the process of development and employment by the private sector as a result of Alirbakat caused by the crisis, and certainly that of the objectives sought by the JMP its actions that, and we look forward, God willing to overcome this crisis and to address the economic situation.

• Do you already have lost control over most of the governorates of Yemen?

This is not true, you can visit the provinces and see the reality of your eyes.

• His Excellency the President, what is your reading of events in the Arab region, and whether we are actually in front of the stage of comprehensive change, do you two forms Egyptian and Tunisian candidates for replication in other Arab countries?

I said at the outset that what is happening now in the region is a premeditated and planned in the ***************work of the so-called (chaotic creative), which is aimed at a degree first and destabilize the Arab States and the targeted one after the other, we have seen how what happened in Tunisia, moved to Egypt and then Libya and now Syria, Yemen, Bahrain, Jordan and Morocco.
We are all targeted and planned one, It is regrettable that the price paid for this is that Arab blood shed, and the scenes of destruction, tearing the bonds of national unity of peoples, and that is what achieves the goals of the nation's enemies, and do not want them good.

• What message do you send to the Yemeni expatriates, whether in the Kingdom or elsewhere?

I would first like to pay tribute to them wherever they are and their role and the national jealousy and love of their homeland, they are the best ambassadors of Yemen. And reassure them that what happened Stnfarag crisis and, God willing, and will continue to do everything we can to solve it, and we will continue to offer valuable and precious for the nation and its unity, security and integrity.

• One last question, honestly: What are the achievements of the view that the Yemeni president made to the people during the past decades, and which the Chairman is unable to achieve, and where the Yemeni president has failed, and what are the mistakes that he believed he committed?

Who speaks for the people of Yemen, is the owner of real interest in what has been achieved his achievements and transformations at different levels; political, democracy, development, cultural, social and other, in spite of all the circumstances and the challenges and modest means. Perhaps the greatest achievement of our strategic check is to achieve the unity of the homeland in the 22 May 1990, coupled with democracy, freedom and respect for human rights and popular participation in decision-making, no doubt that our ambitions remain large. As for the failed where President Ali Abdullah Saleh or wrong, there is no doubt that there are shortcomings or errors in the life of any human being, and does not work does not make mistakes, and because only God is perfect, the Almighty

A private meeting with Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh the newspaper Okaz 13L05L2011 13-05-2011 abdullah ali okaz president saleh yemeni


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